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Portfolio Pandemic

02 November 2020

Since finishing this site and putting it live I’ve had a few requests from some pals that are currently on the job hunt. They’re looking for something similar to work as a replacement for their usual CV. As a favor I said I would port this site over to fit their needs. I used this as an opportunity to give some of the older code a refactor and some TLC to the design. So and are now better quality than my own site. The minimalist design is carried over and the backend has been cleaned up.

Back to uni... kind of

27 October 2020

So I'm a couple of months back to university now, and like the past 6 - 7 months in the industry I am working from home. I find myself missing industry quite a lot, unfortunately I feel that the curriculum at Bournemouth University is quite outdated and find myself using up a lot if not all of my free time practicing the tools and technologies that are actually currently being used in university, as you can probably imagine spending near enough ten thousand pounds on an outdated education can be quite frustrating. Nonetheless I'm this for the piece of paper so I can jump back into the industry and crack on. Even if that does mean spending a lot more of my life on zoom than I would like. I've had to start thinking about the final year project which I've had in mind for a while, you can check it out in my projects section (quaybooks). I'm hoping to build some sort of solution that small businesses can use to maintain their financials. Kind of excited to get stuck in! TL;DR: Eager to finish this year so I can jump back into industry! Currently working on my final year project!

Why this site exists

27 October 2020

I thought I would have a little crack at writing some blog posts. I thought the best place I could start is to go into a little bit of detail about what this site is. I created it during my placement as a small project to play about with rails and further my skills. Year after year I would annoyingly rewrite my website to contain all the up to date information about my academic career and industry experience. Back then I was just using tools like FileZilla to deploy simple HTML pages. On my placement I learnt a lot about Software Development and primarily focused on rails when it came to web applications, so I thought I'd have a go at 'modernising' my website so I wouldn't have to be dragging files into FileZilla so frequently. So I built this app. As far as a reader is. concerned it may look like basic HTML, CSS and a dip of JS. However for me it has a wonderful backend that allows me to update everything on the page without having to deploy anything... over and over again. This just allows me to update as I go and saves me a bit of time when it comes to CV season. Plus it was a great opportunity to look into how to deploy an app quickly, get some valuable practice in web maintenance, and even explore some interesting metrics behind the scenes. So I guess the TL;DR version could be, I couldn't be bothered to keep making sites and I wanted to learn some cool stuff!