Charles Campbell

Software Engineering Undergraduate



Undergraduate Software Engineer

UKCloud - Development
Jul 2019 - Aug 2020

I spent my placement year as a Software Engineering undergraduate in a Ruby team at UKCloud. The team's primary responsibilities were to develop and maintain ruby applications per the business's requirements. Most recently integrating a signal sign-on solution to our main customer-facing product, among other projects that were more internal specific.

BSc Software Engineering

Bournemouth University
Sep 2017 - Present

Software Engineering degree from Bournemouth University. A general first year, followed by two specialised years with a year in industry in-between. During my time at Bournemouth University I worked a PAL Leader, assisting onboarding new students and guiding them through their first year.

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Ellenglaze Bar & Grill - Holywell Bay
Mar 2015 - Sep 2017

During the gap before heading off to university, I was a restaurant supervisor in a busy seaside village. I managed a small and had many responsibilities such as; cooking, banking, rostering, stock-taking, managing incentive plans, recruitment, and cross-department communication.


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